Technical Info

Being from a broadcast TV background, technical standards and equipment are of the greatest importance.

We know how to film to make excellent programmes for television, we know how to cut a programme to make it interesting and exciting - we know how to make your wedding programme!

High Definition Shooting

Following our investment in some HD capable cameras we now shoot everything in HD. That means 4x better picture quality of your wedding day!

We still deliver on the commonplace and most compatible DVD but now offer blu-ray discs as an optional extra. Talk us about this when booking.

Our Audio is second to none...

It's easy for companies to get carried away with offering HD shooting and stunning visual effects but what is often forgotten is the audio. At Joined Heart we believe the audio is as important (if not more than) the visuals!

That's why we've invested in 5 radio microphone kits, audio mixers and various equipment to capture the audio at it's best - after all it's no good if you can't hear anything.

Don't just take our word for it - listen for yourself on our clip. Most companies use a standard microphone on the top of the camera but we choose to use multiple radio microphones to make sure you hear everything crisply. Our clip demonstrates both and we'll leave it up to you to choose which is the best sounding!

What we do

Your wedding video will be made to broadcast standards using digital cameras, radio microphones and industry leading editing software (Final Cut, Avid and After Effects), we will ensure you see and hear everything clearly. All the kit used to make your programme has and will continue to be used on broadcast programmes across the UK.

You can rest assured that your wedding programme will be edited to make the best use of the footage we capture and create a strong, stylish narrative to take you through your big day!

Once we've cut your wedding video, we'll encode it onto a custom DVD (or VHS if you prefer) with thoughtfully designed menus and a specially designed cover and DVD print of your special day.

A digital master tape is also made and archived.

In a nutshell, we make a professionally crafted programme of your entire wedding day. From guests arriving, the ceremony, confetti to the reception, speeches and on in to the evening.

With music sequences, montages and all the key moments along the way.

What difference does 2 cameras operators make?

There's a clear difference between 2 cameras and 2 operators. Most wedding companies offer two (or more cameras) but with only one operator. This severely restricts the quality of your wedding programme because the one operator has to split their time between setting up equipment at the church and reception while missing key events like photographs and guests.

We offer now only offer one package, dual operator - with two cameras and another with dual operators - giving you the flexibility of someone shooting while we're also preparing to film the larger events of the day like the speeches and service!

After all a manned camera which can move, make decisions and decide what to film has to be better than a one that stands at the back of the church itself and possibly loses the shot if someone stands in front of it!


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