What to expect

Before the Big Day

Before the big day we'll have discussed everything with you, noting your requests, your likes and dislikes to ensure we make the wedding programme that you want!

It's usual for us to discuss things with your Vicar or wedding planner and sometimes attend your rehearsal.

On your wedding day

On the wedding day we'll arrive a couple of hours before the wedding service. This gives us time to shoot cutaway shots and setup inside the venue before we start filming your guests arriving.

As we only offer dual operators you might have also requested that we shoot the Bride and/or Groom's preparations on the wedding day. This is done as they prepare in a discreet documentary style.

Depending on your camera package we'll position up to three broadcast standard cameras inside the venue. Depending on your venue and arrangements with the relevant parties we'll position the cameras in the best vantage point for the Bride and Groom but also to capture your guests too.

Sound is just as important as pictures and our experience in broadcast TV means it won't be compromised like other companies. Using both radio microphones and discreet rifle mics we'll make sure you hear the ceremony crystal clear.

Things don't stop there - we'll continue to capture you outside the church, mingling with guests, confetti and your departure to the reception.

On to the reception

We'll look to arrive at the reception as soon after the ceremony as possible and will capture the guests arriving and position ourselves in the most suitable position to record the speeches.

We'll capture cutaways of your guests enjoying the day in a natural atmosphere. We won't be 'in their face' and will stay back so you and your guests remain relaxed. During this period it's usual you'll have your official photographs taken and we'll capture this and the fun that goes with it on tape too!

The evening reception

On your wedding evening we'll be there to capture the fun and spirit of the occasion. The first dance will be the main focus of the evening but we'll also capture guests and the bridge and groom enjoying themselves. Guest wishes can also be recorded.

After your wedding day

The work doesn't stop after the wedding though. We'll edit your video using industry standard editing software. Compiling and short listing the best moments of your day, with musical montages and highlight sequences.

And on to DVD

Your wedding will be encoded onto a personalised DVD with a high quality menu and personalised cover.

We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied so you'll be consulted throughout and can be sure of a high quality programme to our usual broadcast standards.

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